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RUISHENBAO Will Take Part in WCSB9 (the 9th World Conference on Sampling and Blending)

Ruishenbao Analytical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

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About WCSB

Since 2003, the World Conference on Sampling and Blending (WCSB in short) is the internal top academic conference on sampling and blending field and it has been hold successfully for 8 times every two years. On May 6-9, 2019, the 9th World Conference on Sampling and Blending will be held in Beijing International Conference Center, and this is the first time for WCSB in China. WCSB9 will be hosted by Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, and assisted by BGRIM Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Unismart Events Limited. China Association for Instrumental Analysis and China Mining Association will give full support.

With the intellectual sampling and blending as the topic, this conference involves such fields as mining, food, pharmacy, agriculture, biology and environmental protection. It aims at discussing cutting-edge academic researches and topics on sampling and blending, as well as the newest technology and development. The conference includes the national and international industry standard comparison, sampling and blending theory and quality supervision, sampling new findings, sample preparation and blending equipment, analytical testing technology, future technology, specimen analysis.

Taking part in WCSB9 means the great chance of facing the world-top sampling experts and sharing the theory, the application and technological development of sampling and blending. A number of nationally and internationally renowned experts and academicians will be invited to this conference, including Academician Wang Haizhou from Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician Yu Ruqin and Dr. Wu Shuqi from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chairman Ralph Holmes from International Sampling Council, CEO Francis Pitard from Francis Pitard Sampling Consultants LLC, Dr. Claudia Paoletti from European Food Authority, Dr. Kim Esbensen from KHE Consulting, Dr. Simon Dominy from University of Exeter.


About us

Ruishenbao Analytical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, found in 2013, is the one-stop manufacturer of corollary equipment for XRD/XRF analysis with an extensive product range, such as pellet presses, fusion machines, water chillers, mills, ball mills, metal grinding machine, consumables and non-standard customization system. Among all the products, ultra-high pressure system UHPS and cryogenic mill with closed liquid nitrogen auto-fill system LPM-01 come as the equipment with the most characterized features.

In consideration of pellet presses for XRF sample preparation which usually offer no more than 80T in the market, RUISHENBAO launches ultra-high pressure system UHPS with great uniqueness, whose pressure can reach 320T in Maximum. UHPS overcomes traditional defects and produces sample pellets with smoothness and compactness. It successfully solves the problem of being unable to produce pellets directly or adding amount of binder which reduces sample precision or stability. Besides, it conquers the bothering issue of bead fusion method to consider the volatile components determination caused by high temperature as well as low-content components precision caused by diluting fluxes. UHPS are now offering service in IGGE, Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing Geological Survey Center of China Geological Survey, Guangzhou Maritime Geological Institute, Ordos Electric Metallurgy Group and other organizations.

What is more, by cooperating with Ruishenbao, Chongqing Institute of Metrology and Quality Inspection has applied UHPS to solving problems of small, special-shaped metal parts or cables which can not be used in optical omission spetrometry analysis. In conclusion, UHPS will undoubtedly usher in broad prospect in application.

RUISHENBAO is also the inventor and manufacturer of large-volume cryogenic mill with closed liquid nitrogen auto-fill system. The cryogenic mill, applied in sample preparation of food analysis by Beijing Customs and others, successfully solves the problems of being unable to pulverize in room temperature, or dissolving to-be determined components in room temperature. 

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+86 400-871-8622 +86 21-60516422
+86 13681889743

Room1006,No.280,ShangZhongXiLu,Xuhui district,ShangHai,200237,P.R.China

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