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RUISHENBAO Has Been Invited to Participate in the 9th World Conference on Sampling and Blending

Ruishenbao Analytical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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From May 7th to 9th, 2019, the 9th World Conference on Sampling and Blending(referred to as "WCSB9") was held at the Beijing International Conference Center. The conference was hosted by BGRIMM Technology Group, and assisted by BGRIM Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Unismart Events Limited. More than 500 people from 24 countries worldwide in many industries like mining, metallurgy, cement, food, medicine, biochemistry and environmental protection industry participated in this sampling and blending conference. The agenda of this conference consists of 12 forums, including nearly 46 academic reports and 1 interactive forum. The report was carefully selected from the papers submitted by domestic and foreign authors. After contributed by active domestic and foreign authors and reviewed by domestic and foreign experts, the final 100 papers were included in the collected conference works. The number of papers this year reaches the top ever. Ruishenbao Analytical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.( referred to as "RUISHENBAO") was invited to participate in the conference.

As a professional supplier of XRF sample preparation equipment, RUISHENBAO can provide one-stop XRF sample preparation equipment and solutions. With various equipment like fusion machines, pellet presses, water chillers and mills, RUISHENBAO can meet different XRF analysis requirements of users.

The WCSB9 aims to discuss in depth the results of cutting-edge academic research in the fields of sampling, preparation and blending, and share the latest technical knowledge and technological progress. It has set up a very important communication platform for domestic and foreign certification bodies, end users, related service companies, and educational and scientific research units in sampling and mixing fields. In this conference, RUISHENBAO shows various samples prepared by the ultra-high pressure system UHPS, as well as the high-frequency fusion machine and benchtop pellet press. The on-site visitors have shown strong interest in RUISHENBAO ultra-high pressure system and high-frequency fusion machine. During the tea break, many participants inquired RUISHENBAO engineers about their interested issues which was given meticulous and patient answers at the scene. The interested participants also asked for samples for further test.

As an important global economy and manufacturing country, China has huge demand for sampling technology in global trade, production control and environmental protection. Many experts at the conference said that this international academic event will promote the progress of sample preparation theory and the rapid development of sample preparation technology in China. As a professional supplier of XRF sample preparation equipment, the new ultra-high pressure system makes great breakthrough in the area of XRF analysis: under high pressure, the impact of particle effect is minimized, thus greatly improving the stability of XRF analysis. Through continuous optimization and improvement of the product line, RUISHENBAO has always been making efforts to promote the development of sample preparation technology in China.

The WCSB9 conference was successfully concluded at 18:00 on May 9, and it was finally decided that the next host country(2021) is Norway.

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