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Xi'an Jiaotong University Utilized the RUISHENBAO Water Chiller


Key word: accurate temperature control, stability,

With the long-term operation stability and high accuracy in temperature control, the RUISHENBAO CW series high-precision water chiller is highly praised by teachers and once again favored by research institutes of high education. Xi'an Jiaotong University also equipped the analysis laboratory with the RUISHENBAO CW series water chiller, which will undoubtedly ensure the long-term stable operation of the analytical equipment and improve the efficiency of the work.

CW series’ high-precision circulating water chiller, developed by Ruishenbao analytical technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., is an auxiliary cooling device for analysis equipment. It has the supreme temperature control accuracy up to ±0.1℃.what is more, it adopts high-end accessories for its water circulation system, refrigeration system, electrical control system, and high temperature alarm system, as well as high-performance compressors, which can guarantee the long-term stable operation of the host analysis equipment. Among all RUISHENBAO water chillers, the divided-structure chiller has prominent features, for it is composed of two parts, the indoor and outdoor part. The room temperature is not affected during work, and at the same time the indoor noise is significantly reduces. Besides, the outdoor part is exclusively equipped with dust filters,which is conducive to cleaning dust and debris. Therefore, it can maintain long-term operation without any failure. 


  • Ultra silent design, low impact on the work environment;
  • Imported high-efficiency compressor to improve refrigeration efficiency;
  • Excellent temperature control accuracy in this industry, up to ± 0.1 °C;
  • High-precision controller to directly reflect the operation and failure of the equipment;
  • Complete categories: Divided or integrated or air-cooling or water-cooling chillers for selection;
  • Unique dust filter design to protect compressors without need to control the cleaning;
  • The device has been tested in the factory simulated conditions of actual use,and only qualified ones can be sold.
  • Ethylene glycol solution can be used as coolant. The outlet temperature of freezing water can be as low as 5 °C;
  • The compressor automatically returns oil, and the installation surface of the outdoor machine of the divided chiller can be higher than that of the indoor machine;
  • Imported high-efficiency vortex flexible compressor with low failure rate to ensure the equipment is stable and uninterrupted operation for a long time.

Introduction of Xi'an Jiaotong University:

Xi'an Jiaotong University is a comprehensive research university with polytechnic characteristics. It vigorously promotes a new model of "2 +4 + X" university research talent training based on general education, scientific research ability and innovation ability, and achieves a shift from knowledge transfer to education of exploration and research. Relying on the advantages of discipline and talent training, it also creates new mode of cooperation in production, study and research, and sets up research centers with the government and large or medium enterprises. By focusing on solving key technical problems in the industry, it gives full play to the supporting role of science and technology in regional economic and social development.

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+86 400-871-8622 +86 21-60516422
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Room1006,No.280,ShangZhongXiLu,Xuhui district,ShangHai,200237,P.R.China

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