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REUSHENBAO Sample Preparation Equipment Enters Emerging Material Industry Ⅰ

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As one of the "seven emerging industries", new material has been paid more and more attention in China since 2010. Chongqing Sanlei Fiberglass Co., Ltd. by Share (Sanlei) is a representative. Gradually expanding production capacity means more arduous quality control tasks undertaken by quality inspection department and higher-load operation of the analysis devices. The original mills can not better satisfy requirements for high-frequency usage. When the proposal of purchasing new mills was brought up, the RUISHENBAO PrepM-01 vibratory disc mill was determined after several inspections.

Why did the SanLei finally choose the RUISHENBAO PrepM-01 vibratory disc mill? The PrepM-01 vibratory disc mill series offer many practical advantages in all areas in which hard, brittle and fibrous material must be ground extremely quick down to fineness for spectral or X-ray fluorescence analysis. In the vibratory disc mill, the grinding is performed by horizontal circular oscillations of the grinding set on a vibrating plate. The grinding set consisting of ring and puck comminute the grinding sample with extremely high pressure, impact forces and friction. The instrument runs steadily and smoothly, even with heavy grinding sets, at maximum speed thanks to the stabilized plane designed. It has proven to be ideal for use in the building materials sector (cement), in geology, mineralogy, metallurgy and in power plants. Due to the high end fineness and speed PrepM-01 vibratory disc mill is the perfect mill when it comes to preparing samples for spectral analysis. It takes only 1-3 minutes for a grinding cycle. Besides, it is easy to operate, because the grinding process can be quickly completed as programmed. What is more, the equipment has multiple protection devices to ensure its long-term stable use, such as  the quick clamping device of the grinding components, the pneumatic active supporting protection door and the safety door limit switch of the grinding chamber.

It is precisely because of the rapid and efficient operation design of the PrepM-01 vibratory disc mill that has perfectly solved the problems encountered by customers, that it was finally recognized by the quality inspection department of Sanlei Fiberglass. Without doubt, it will be more widely used in the new material industry in the future.


Chongqing Sanlei fiberglass co.,Ltd., a joint venture by Share (SanLei) by Chongqing Sanlei Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Dahua Investment Group Co., Ltd., covers an area of 60 mu (about 99,900 acres) with a total investment of 3.5 billion RMB (600 million USD or so) in two-phases construction. In the first phase, it builds two production line at the high capacity of annual 100,000 tons with ERC fiberglass tank-kiln wiredrawing, one of the seven strategic emerging industry (new material) supported by the State Council in September 2010. The strengthened fiberglass products have been widely used in many sectors, such as wind power, aerospace, automotive, chemical storage, municipal plumbing, sanitary ware, highways, railways, rail transport, wall insulation, decoration, sports equipment and other related industries.

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