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Benchtop Pellet Press: PrepP-01BW
  • PrepP-01BW型40T桌面自动压片机
  • PrepP-01BW型40T桌面自动压片机


The PrepP-01BW 40T benchtop pellet press is developed by RUISHENBAO®, which is the bench-top laboratory press for easier and more efficient preparation of pressed pellets for IR spectral or X-ray fluorescence analysis. The PrepP-01BW can control the time of building-up, holding and release of force during pressing. This reduces the inner tensions of the sample and ensures that even difficult materials are pressed perfectly. During the pressing process the axial movement of the particles at the steel ring produces friction which in turn leads to the formation of a multi-axial stress condition. Therefore, it is important to decrease the pressure evenly and steadily as an abrupt release could lead to the destruction of the pellet. The pressure decrease time of the PrepP-01BW 40T can be set in such a way that the uniform release of tension is ensured. The maximum pressure can reach 40 tons. It is a compact benchtop unit with light weight so that it is more suitable for in-lab application.


Produce high-quality, stable pellets;

Programmable time of holding and release of force during pressing;

Typical pressing cycle is less than two minutes;

One-touch operation, easy and safe operation;

Low power consumption, support plug and play, AC 220V 1-phase;

Low-noise operation;

Safety shield.

Fields of application:

Chemistry / plastics, Construction materials, Environment / recycling, Geology / metallurgy, glass / Ceramics, etc.

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Technical data:




Maximum pressure


Pressure force


Operating temperature


Precision of pressure adjust


Hydraulic oil

Antiwear hydraulic oil 46#


AC 220V±10% 1-phase, 50/60Hz, 10A

Power draw


Pressing in shells

Diameter 40 mm, or other as required



Net weight


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+86 400-871-8622 +86 21-60516422
+86 13681889743

Room1006,No.280,ShangZhongXiLu,Xuhui district,ShangHai,200237,P.R.China

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