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Ultra High Pressure System: UHPS
  • UHPS型超高压制样系统-320T
  • UHPS型超高压制样系统-200T
  • UHPS型超高压制样系统-320T
  • UHPS型超高压制样系统-200T


UHPS ultra-high pressure system is developed by RUISHENBAO® and remains the world's first automatic ultra-high pressure pellet press of sample preparation for spectral or X-ray fluorescence analysis, of which the maximum press force can reach 320T so that the press produces high-quality pressed pellets with mirrorlike surface necessary for optimal XRF results. The UHPS achieves the desired homogeneity and stability of each individual pellet with a maximum of reproducibility. There is no dilution effect and effectively it overcomes powder effect of the XRF thanks to direct powder-pelletizing press mode via ultra-high pressure. It greatly improves the analysis of technical indicators for XRF method for example: the detection limit, precision, accuracy and long-term stability. It effectively expands the XRF on the applicable scope for all kinds of samples. The system can be used as an important direct pressing technology and method for sample preparation of the XRF, XRD, laser fluorescence spectroscopy, and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy.


High efficiency, typical pressing cycle is only 2 minutes;

Without adding other additives to help diluting the sample, improving the measurement sensitivity of trace elements;

The only variable is pressing force in sample preparation process, it can significantly improve the reproducibility of sample preparation;

Overall improvement of XRF method including detection limit, precision, accuracy and stability;

It can replace fusion bead method to prepare sample for XRF;

Difficult materials are pressed perfectly (such as silicon, cement raw meal and clinker, etc.) without adding the binder;

It produces high-quality pressed pellets with mirrorlike surface, no mineral effect and the effect of the particles;

 Equipped with safety shield, convenient and accurate thanks to automatic and fully programmable function.

Fields of application:

The new UHPS pellet pressing system can solve some problems that conventional pellet press cannot directly press to some kinds of samples or prepare effective samples without binder. It press produces high-quality pressed pellets with non-interference, non-destructive and no “dilution effect” for XRF. UHPS system is a highly efficient energy-saving environmental protection and new security sample preparation equipment. It has a pivotal role and suitable in innovative development for scientific research, laboratory testing, product testing and quality control, etc.

Powder material: soil, ore, concentrate, dust, slag, cement, limestone, dolomite, glass, quartz, clay, etc.;

Directly pellet press difficult materials which are prepared with the binder or additives in conventional pellet press: ferrosilicon, iron concentrate and so on;

Alternative to fusion system for sample preparation.

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Technical data:




Maximum pressure type



Pressure force



Operating temperature


Precision of pressure adjust


Hydraulic oil

antiwear hydraulic oil 46#


AC 380V±10%, 50 Hz, 32A, 3-phase five-wire

Power draw


Pressing in shells

Diameter 40 mm, or other as required


800×800×1900mm + 550×650×1100mm

Net weight


Multiple protection devices ensure safety use:

The full set of pressing tool adopts tungsten carbide, which outer layer uses special alloy with high toughness explosion hoop to provide active protection;

On three sides of working chamber adopts thickening steel to provide passive protection;

Shield observation window uses double bullet-proof grade high pressure resistant organic glass;

Shielding door uses contact safety locking device.

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+86 400-871-8622 +86 21-60516422
+86 13681889743

Room1006,No.280,ShangZhongXiLu,Xuhui district,ShangHai,200237,P.R.China

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