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Metal Grinding Machine:RBM-II
  • RBM-II型金属磨样机
  • RBM-II型金属磨样机顶部
  • RBM-II型金属磨样机
  • RBM-II型金属磨样机顶部
RBM-II metal grinding machine, carefully developed by RUISHENBAO® Analytical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. , is a kind of sample preparation equipment for metal samples with a wide range of application for different needs of sample pretreatment in steel analysis, medical device analysis, aluminum analysis and other analyses. Due to the outstanding performance of grinding end faces of metal materials in different irregular shapes, it can fully meet demands of end faces for Optical Emission Spectrometer and the X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer.


1) High grinding efficiency: high-power motor (2.2KW*2) , no more than 20 seconds for processing. Even with a large load, it still works reliably and eliminates fault of burning a motor due to overload. At the same time it can protect the user for safe operation.

2) Double motors: grinding wheel (φ350), sand paper (φ350), double discs and motors work independently. They greatly improve work efficiency and equipment utilization,  as well as solve the problem of production stop caused by accidental motor damage. Sand paper change is not only convenient and economical, but also an effective way to prevent cross contamination. It has been proved to be undoubtedly suitable for making and processing sample of ferrous metal and other metal materials.

3) Environmental protection: compared with ordinary bagged dust-free system, RBM-II has the unique strengthening built-in dust-free system - dust funnel and dust net, dust collecting wall. All these protections will prevent dust overflow and eliminate the hazards of dust generated during grinding. In addition, the system can ensure the clean laboratory and easy cleaning of equipment.

4) Humanization: install trays are specially designed on the right for convenient placement of samples and gadgets. Bell-shaped grinding mouth effectively reduces dust spill and its arc edge helps to prevent hand injury.

Technical data:

grinding plate size

Φ350 mm

Exterior size

950 x 1100 x 1100 mm(L*W*H)

Input power supply

3x380V AC

Input power


Motor power

2.2KW x 2

Small sample clamp



Gringding pretreatment of samples in analyses of alloy material, steel, aluminum, medical equipment, component identification, etc. 

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+86 400-871-8622 +86 21-60516422
+86 13681889743

Room1006,No.280,ShangZhongXiLu,Xuhui district,ShangHai,200237,P.R.China

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