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Hardness of Grinding Ball Material Affects Final Grinding Results

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In order to adapt to various laboratory samples, the grinding balls have a variety of materials, including stainless steel grinding balls, agate grinding balls, zirconia grinding balls, polyurethane grinding balls, cemented carbide grinding balls and so on. The ball grinding effect of each kind of grinding ball is not the same, for the hardness of grinding ball has certain influence on grinding.

In general, during the ball grinding process in the laboratory, the ball wear will decrease with the increase of hardness. At the same time, the deformation of the ball is small, which reduces the energy absorbed by the deformation of the ball during impact, and more energy is used to impact particles to increase the ball grinding efficiency.

But it is not the fact that when the harder the grinding ball is, the better the grinding result becomes. There is an optimal range. Harder grinding balls mean lower grinding wear, but as to the grinding efficiency, the grinding balls exceeding the optical hardness value will bring about negative impact.

The adverse effects of high hardness of the grinding balls in the laboratory lie roughly in two aspects: on one hand, after the ball hits, the aggravated rebound will result in some energy loss and reduce the energy used for ball grinding; on the other hand, harder balls slide seriously when squeezing particles, thus the corresponding friction effect is reduced with the result of ineffective grinding.

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