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Factors of Grinding Ball Wear of Planetary Grinding Mill

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During the operation of the planetary ball mill, the grinding balls will continuously collide and rub with the material, the inner wall of the mill and the grinding balls themselves. Too much wear of balls will not only increase the use cost of balls, but also bring out negative impacts on the material output quality. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize ball wear.

According to the characteristics of grinding balls, the specific wear factors are as follows:

Size, ratio and load of the grinding ball: The ball mass will change with the size. At the certain speed, the greater the ball mass, the greater the impact. The grinding balls in the same size has higher rate of collision, and they are prone to fatigue and wear. Besides, the load amount of grinding balls can also affect the collision probability among grinding balls.

The size and speed of the planetary ball mill: The larger the planetary ball mill, the larger the diameter of the ball mill. The motion speed will also increase, which result in stronger impact and more serious wear. It is the same thing at excessively high speed.

Types and properties of grinding balls: Wear conditions of grinding balls will vary with different density, hardness, elasticity, abrasion resistance and acid-base resistance.

The properties of the grinding material: hardness, brittleness and shape size of the material also have a very important influence on ball wear.

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