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How to Clean Grinding Jar and Balls After each Use

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The planetary ball mill can grind samples under dry, suspended, or inert gas conditions. Sample is ground in the sealed chamber, so there is no leakage or splatter to pollute other components. In order to prevent cross contamination of samples, it is also necessary to clean the chamber, cover and balls each time. Due to the various forms and complexity of samples, the actual cleaning difficulty is also different. Here are some simple cleaning suggestions for reference.

After dry, non-sticky samples are taken out directly when grinding is completed, use vacuum to clean the remaining particles, and then wash the device with water and dry. A slightly more complicated sample, such as a sticky one, can be cleaned with detergent after grinding, and then laundry powder or dish liquid mixed with water is filled to grind. When washed several times or soaked for a period of time, it can be brushed by a brush. The use of solvent depends on the material of the grinding jar and the characteristics of the grinding material. The solvents that can be used are alcohol, hydrochloric acid, acetone, butanone, etc.. Finally, after grinding for about 10 minutes, it should be cleaned and dried with alcohol. Ultrasonic cleaning is a more convenient way.

Some materials can not be cleaned with only one method, and the application of multiple methods is preferred. According to the material of ball grinding jar, add sand, glass or solvent to grind. And after cleaning the device with ultrasound, dry it with alcohol ball. It should be noted that the speed of planetary ball mill can not be too fast when grinding for cleaning.
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