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RUISHENBAO Pellet Press Contributed to Full Realization of ‘Air Ten’Ⅰ


Key word: 100T Pellet Press, coal field, geology,

Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection held a press release and made the announcement. Since the launch of Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan (hereinafter referred to as " Air Ten ") in September 2013, with joint efforts of regional departments and the active participation of whole society, the goal of Air Ten has been fully achieved.

China is rich in coal resources and widely distributed. The coal field covers an area of about 550,000 square kilometers, ranking top among the world's coal-producing countries and occupying a particularly important position in China's energy structure. However, in recent years, the air pollution is quite serious, which is mainly attributed to insufficient combustion of coal. Thus how to use coal resources in an environmentally friendly manner becomes the preliminary and important problem to be solved. In view of this fact, all places have increased their investment in scientific research and made unremitting efforts to achieve the "Air Ten" goal earlier.

However, due to loose particles of coal samples, it is easy to produce slag under insufficient pressure when pressing, which will seriously pollute the XRF equipment analysis room. Guizhou Coal Field Geological Bureau has always been looking for suitable sample preparation equipment, and finally determined to utilize RUISHENBAO HPS high-pressure pellet press, currently the world's first high pressure sample preparation device with the maximum pressure of over 80T. The maximum pressure of 100T can satisfy requirements of coal samples or even much more compact samples. Therefore, it greatly improved the sample quality and reduced the damage to the equipment. More importantly, it made its own contribution to the realization of the "Air Ten".

Introduction of Guizhou Coal Field Geological Bureau:

Guizhou Coal Field Geological Bureau was established in March 1959 with the approval of CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee. Guizhou Province is not only a province of rich coal resources, but also a province of rich coal bed gas resources. The laboratory of Guizhou Coal Field Geological Bureau has made outstanding contributions to the coal industry in Guizhou Province. For more than 50 years, it has basically obtained the storage regularity and geological conditions of the coal resources, and ascertained the major coal fields in various parts of the province. All these efforts laid the important position of Guizhou as the energy base in the south of China, and made a major contribution to the national economic construction and the continuous development of the coal industry in Guizhou. At the same time, a large number of testing and inspection personnel have been trained for the province and others, and dozens of small and medium-sized laboratories have been built up. Therefore, it enjoys a high reputation throughout the country.

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