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Water Chiller Selection for Laboratory

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  The water chiller, also called chiller, is a kind of water cooling equipment that can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure. At present, there are many kinds of water chillers in the market, but the quality is uneven, and the price is even different. Then how to purchase a suitable water chiller for the laboratory?

  According to the condensation method, water chillers are divided into two types, the air-cooling chiller and the water-cooling chiller. The water-cooling chiller usually requires supporting cooling towers or water tanks and special water inlet and outlet. The requirements for laboratory hardware are relatively high, so we only discuss the air-cooling chiller here.

  Market law determines that the price of all products is cost plus profit. The water chiller can not be the exception. If the price is too low, there will be problems on the cost of device itself.

  Select a water chiller with the consideration of the following aspects to inspect the device quality:

1. Compressor: The compressor alone accounts for a large part of the cost of a water chiller. As the core part of a chiller, it determines the amount of cooled water. A compressor can usually be judged from four aspects, including brand name, stability, energy consumption and service life.


2. Condenser: The condenser is generally made of copper tubes with the refrigerant inside. It is equipped with supporting aluminum fins to obtain larger heat exchange surface area. The quality of a condenser is usually determined by material nature, material quality and condensation area.


3. Components: The components include contactors, relays, heat protectors, expansion valves, pressure controllers, drying filters, etc.. It is these components that complete most operation of the water chiller, thus the quality of the small components determines the reliability of the water chiller. Depending on the manufacturer’ s brand and mouth fame, the quality of components can be roughly judged.


4. Controller: A good water chiller must be equipped with an accurate controller, which provides accurate and timely feedback on the operation of the equipment and possible failures. It is necessary to set security devices for some key or trouble-prone parts. Then select a water chiller based on the brand, mouth fame and quality of the controller and its security devices.

  In short, select a water chiller according to the actual needs. It is suggested to choose a professional chiller manufacturer for more inquiries. It is sure to purchase a suitable chiller at last. Do not just pursue the lowest price and ignore the more important mission of securing the reliability and stability of the experiment process. As to the blind pursuit of lowest price, it seems to reduce part of purchase cost, but comes the greater subsequent problems, resulting in the personnel consumption and production losses, far more than savings.

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