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RUISHENBAO automated electric Fusion Machine Performance

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The fusion machine for XRF analysis has three main types with wide application: high-frequency induction heating type, electrothermal type, gas heating type. Among them, the electrothermal type is characterized by the adoption of thermocouple temperature measurement technology with accurate temperature control and homogenized heating. It can melt multiple samples at the same time with fast sampling speed. There is no need for auxiliary equipment for water supply or gas supply. Thermal radiation to the operator is large, but due to the precise temperature control, it is the preferred sample equipment for XRF analysis, arbitration analysis and other analysis for notarized data.


The FSC-01 automated electric Fusion machine,developed by Ruishenbao Analytical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., is the equipment for sample preparation by bead fusion method for XRF analysis. Then what are the performance and technical characteristics?


1. Performance index

1.1. Maximum temperature

The temperature of the FSC-01 fusion machine can reach as high as 1250℃. In the actual use for carbonate, silicate and bauxite samples, 1050℃ is enough to meet the requirements.

1.2. Power and temperature increasing rate

The rated power of FSC-01 fusion machine is 7. 5 kW, the output power of heating components is adjusted by controllable silicon. When the heating component outputs voltage, the fusion process begins at the temperature of 1100 ℃. After sampling, the furnace temperature can rise to the set value within 1 min.

1.3. Temperature control accuracy

When the temperature of the FSC-01 fusion machine rises above 600℃, the difference between the indicating temperature and the set temperature does not exceed 0.1℃. That is to say the temperature control accuracy is ±0.1℃.


2.Technical characteristics

2.1. The high precision of temperature control with silicon carbon rod can provide reliable quality assurance for analysis.


2.2. Four to six samples can be prepared at the same time in 15 min.

2.3. The sample mix well to easily achieve preheating, oxidation and melting, with adjustable time for each stage.

2.4. the device adopts divided-structure design with separated furnace and control components. It is reasonable in layout, small in size and beautiful in outlook.

2.5. Due to high-capability thermal insulation and refractory materials, the total power (7.5 kW) is much lower than that of the imported similar products.

2.6. It has single English interface and flexible setting operation on fusion conditions. It is easy to operate, learn and master.


The FSC-01 automated electric Fusion is a complete set of equipment of sample preparation for XRF analysis. The prepared sample is flat, homogenized, transparent and bubble-less, so it can meet the requirements of XRF analysis sample. In view that the overall performance index is comparable with similar imported products, it can completely replace imported products.

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