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Maintenance of water Chillers


Key word: voltage, abnormal sound,

Monthly maintenance

1) Check whether the voltage is normal and lack of phase.

2) Check and record the running current.

3) Measure and record the high and low pressure and temperature whether or not are normal. (High pressure during normal operation shall not be higher than 2.4 MPa, low pressure shall not be less than 0.3 MPa)。

4) Check whether the interlock control circuit device is loose, aging.

5) Check whether there is any abnormal sound and extremely vibration on compressor.

6) Please empty the water tank to prevent microorganisms growing in the tank if you don't use the water chiller in excess of fifteen days.

7) Regularly check whether the tank water quality is normal, when the water quality become stale, metamorphic please change it in time. Change the water of tank every three months under normal circumstances. Open water drain valve on the back of water chiller, drain the water of tank and add water from filler.

8) You should open the cover plate and right plate of unit to screw water pump shaft with straights crew driver clockwise from centre-drilling of water pump's rear cover to make it free before you put to use the water chiller again in the event that you disuse it in excess of thirty days.

Yearly maintenance

1) For water chiller's heat dissipation, you should clean up the condenser (outdoor).In general, clean up one time every three months. You'd better use vacuum or compressed air of 0.4~0.5MPa to clear the condenser.

2) Please cover water tank tightly with filler cap to inhibit microbial growth.

3) Please clear the filter element every three months, replace if necessary.

4) Clear the tank every year. Discharge the cover plate of unit and take down the tank lid to clean up water tank interior and evaporator coil. After cleaning, please cover the tank lid and screw all the bolts on it.

5) Check the maintenance of the host circuit system.

6) Check the amount of refrigerant, promptly added the refrigerant.

7) Check and correction of high and low pressure switch.

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