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Ruishenbao Successfully Assisted in the 3rd National Academic Conference on Metallurgical and Material Analysis and Testing

Ruishenbao Analytical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

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On March 14, 2019, the 3rd National Academic Conference on Metallurgical and Material Analysis and Testing grandly opened in Beijing Ruicheng Great Hotel. It was conducted by China Association of Plant Engineering, assisted by Ruishenbao Analytical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd and others.

The conference has attracted large numbers of experts, scholars, technicians in iron and nonferrous metal materials from home and abroad.

At the beginning, Vice President and Deputy Secretary General of China Association of Plant Engineering, Wei Jinglin, gave the opening speech, during which he welcomed the attendant experts and scholars, and expressed his wishes on the successful conference.

The subsequent thematic reports showed the latest development on analytical methods and testing techniques of iron and nonferrous metal materials.

Scholar Bian Yongjun, from China National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Iron and Steel, gave the thematic report titled of Analyzing Failure Analysis Basis and Iron Inclusion Sources, which clearly illustrated the failure analysis basis and inclusion sources from many aspects in combination with actual experience.


Zhao Bingjian, from Hegangleting Iron Co., Ltd, also made the thematic report with the name of Measurement System Analysis (MSA) Application in Metallurgical Laboratories. He introduced the MSA development progress in detail on why, when, how and notice items, and intuitively demonstrated MSA advantages in measurement management by practical operation case.

Scholar Sun Jianlin, from Research Institute of New Materials, University of Science and Technology Beijing, in his report Experiment Design and Data Analysis, took into consideration of each link and testing items in metallurgical industry and proposed the scientific experiments based on probability theory, mathematical statistics and linear algebra theory to acquire accurate results.

Shi Zhenyan, Chief Technical Officer from Shanghai Baosteel Industrial Technique Service Co., Ltd, in his report Laboratories Intelligence in Iron and Steel Plants, also specifically narrated the intelligent laboratories necessity and feasibility, and told about the workable mode and detailed case.

Xia Pengfei, Director of Quality Control Department from Xingtai Iron Co., Ltd, shared his article with others, X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry Analysis Easily Cuts Steel, in which he demonstrated that X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF) can rapidly and accurately analyze Si、Mn、P、S、Cr、N and other elements by selecting the optimal feature spectral lines of the object element, tube voltage, tube current, spectroscopic crystal, collimator and filter, as well as making specialized curve and selecting a complete set of standard steel sample.

On March 15, participants took a visit to the experimental and testing center of University of Science and Technology Beijing, and then exchanged ideas on related practical problems faced by companies.


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